Sunday, February 28, 2010

Great Music, Great Friends, Great Run, Great Food

This past weekend has been great! I am constantly surrounded by awesome people and fun opportunities. 

Friday I went to a Pat Green concert with a lot of people, some that I am not the best of friends with, but I think we are now!  The concert was at a great country western bar which was sooo fun!  Saturday I woke up to the smell of bacon and came downstairs to find my roommate's parents had made french toast, turkey bacon and sausage, and fresh fruit! Yum-o! I am such a lucky lady.  

This weekend was my roommate's birthday so I had to make the cake, of course! I made a chocolate cake with buttercream icing, pink and white decorations! Its fun creating a cake for someone you love. It was especially yummy too. 

After baking and decorating I embarked on a lil running adventure. A friend of mine, we'll call her Red, is my motivator in my running/exercise goals. She is doing her first half marathon in April. She wanted to run so I thought I'd warm up and run before she got to my house. So I ran just under 2 miles. Ha she got here and said ok let go on a long run so I went for another run. It ended up totaling over 6 miles! Ahh I've never run that much before but it felt AWESOME!!! I loved it! I have told Red I will do a 10k the same day she is doing her half marathon. I think I will be good after that run.  

We had a Fiesta for my roommate's birthday Saturday night. Yummy Mexican lasagna and enchiladas, chips and salsa, daquiris, and beer. Yea everything I don't need to lose my 25 lbs haha BUT you know what? I didn't care because I just ran 6 miles. What the heck I indulged....a lot! haha  

Its funny how endorphins from working out and alcohol can make you feel pretty good! We all went out after dinner and I felt great! I even got some courage and went into a group of guys and struck up a convo ha I may have turned a lil rosy in the cheeks and was a lil shaky with nerves but hey it was fun! 

Let the running continue and the sweet times roll!


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