Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Zumba and the Peace Corps

These two things are not related however in my life they are new things i've tried or thinking about.
I haven't posted in awhile because its been hectic! Frankly my goals are going ok and when I say ok some better rather than others. I lost 4 pounds but then gained it back. My running adventure and then ambitious efforts to push my body to the limit last week did not help my ankles or hips. I have been feeling the pain of my efforts.

 I have been having too much fun socializing. Why does socializing always revolve around food? Why am I such a socialite and why do I LOVE food so much? Anyways I'm still happy even though the scale tempts me to be depressed. Oh well each day is a new day.

So back to Zumba and Peace Corps. Last Wednesday I ditched Girls Night to go to a Zumba class. I had been wanting to take it for a long time and this was the night. Ha I got to the Y and looked into the gym and saw this complicated routine being done and I thought "Crap what have I gotten myself into." Thankfully it was the hip hop class before mine. I went in and there was a short Latino man there to lead Zumba. I thought this is going to be interesting.. Yeah it was and soooo much fun. I smiled and laughed so much! It was a great workout and so fun to do. I loved salsa dancing and shakin it! The teacher kept telling us to move and shake it! I felt so good afterwards but my hips were feeling it a bit.


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