Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Life is still sweet

Ok so life is still sweet but a little more hectic. I have a very "full" life at the moment. With work, school, mentoring at church, volunteering, and trying to squeeze in a beer and kickball game a week it gets to be a little much. BUT I LOVE IT!

The biggest and sweetest part of life is the adventure that I have been starting applying to the Peace Corps. I have gotten nominated which is basically means I'm in. I now have to get medically cleared and they have to find me the best job to fit my experience. I requested South America so here's crossed fingers for that one. Don't get me wrong I would love to go anywhere around the world, but it would be lovely to speak some of the language or be able to read it, the letters that it.

I've been to China and loved it, but on vacation. I was completely lost as a tourist but it was ok I'd just show the taxi driver my hotel address on the matches I grabbed on the way out. Living in another country, continent, with another phonetic lettering system and culture is quite intimidating and frightening.

Hey I'm up for the challenge. I've read a lot of blogs of people that have been in the Peace Corps so I thought I'd write a post just for the heck of it since I haven't since May ha. That is actually when I started to try to apply and it took me until September to actually get myself together and do it. I'm glad I did and that I am going through this process. Who knows what is going to happen from now until I leave but I am determined to see this through. My dad keeps telling me " Sweetheart you know you're going to be miserable right?" All I can say is "Yes, I know," and that is ok with me. I have visions of horrible living conditions and crazy people but I can see myself laughing and praying to get through it ha.


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